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Your Books Your Way

Your Books Your Way is now celebrating over a decade as a premier provider of library books and media materials to college, university, school, corporate, public, government and medical libraries throughout the world. Your Books Your Way supplies the complete book and publication requirements of schools, libraries and other educational institutions in over twenty countries. Our corporation is headquartered in the tri-state area and has maintained continuous management since our inception. Your Books Your Way enables you to benefit from innovative technology at all stages of book and media acquisition.

Your Books Your Way offer a comprehensive range of fulfillment services that includes the supply of any book, media or journal published in North America. Your Books Your Way is a customer driven company which will tailor its services to meet the specific requirements of individual clients, including ordering, status report frequency and format, invoice organization and layout, and management report composition and design. The level of customer support available from our staff is unparalleled in the industry. Cumulatively, we are proud to report that our customer support department represents over 100 years of experience working with various educational organizations and libraries.

Your Books Your Way provides a dedicated customer support contact who manages all interactions associated with your account. Your customer support contact is available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST each weekday to assist in order placement, expediting and claiming and can be reached by telephone, fax, or directly by e-mail.


  • One Convenient Source for Library books and Non-print media.
  • Place orders online from titles included in our database or for titles not included in our database..
  • Acceptance Of Purchase Orders and Credit Cards.
  • Automatically e-mail your customer support contact to expedite, claim, or cancel orders.
  • No Maximum Order Limitations.
  • Innovative Technology.
  • Pro Forma Accounts.
  • Comprehensive Customer Support.
  • Order Status Reporting.
  • Management Reports.
  • Adequate Financial Resources available to fill orders.
  • Has excellent organization, experience, accounting and operational controls and technical skills.

For more information about Your Books Your Way services, please call us at (800) 301-6217 or send us an email at

Customer Support

Your Books Your Way provides a dedicated customer support contact who manages all aspects of your account. Your customer support contact is a highly skilled professional, proficient in all aspects of your account.

Your Books Your Way is a service oriented and customer driven company and its service quality depends on the quality of its people and their sense of pride and dedication with a job well done. This attitude permeates throughout every aspect of the organization and makes customer satisfaction first class. Your Books Your Way support team is consistently listening to Librarians needs, whether you are a small client or a high end client, you still receive the same attention and quality.

Your Books Your Way Order Entry, Order Reporting, Order Invoicing, Order Shipping, Customer Service, Out of Print Searching, Continuation, Accounting, and Programming Departments are all supervised by key personnel - with seniority averaging over ten years. Each supervisor is responsible for reviewing all of the input and output generated by their department and must personally approve all work before it flows to the next department. Weekly meetings within departments and among department heads assure an opportunity for a continuous and open dialogue on all levels.

Order Fullfillment


Your Books Your Way offers a comprehensive range of firm order services to college, university, corporate, public, government and medical libraries throughout the world. Your Books Your Way services include the supply of both in-print and out-of-print library books and media materials through our Media Division.

All firm order services are fully automated and supported by in-house programmers, analysts, and librarians. Your Books Your Way clients, for both books and media materials has a dedicated customer support contact and marketing representative who manages all aspects of the clients account.

Regular firm orders are typically supplied within three weeks of receipt of order. Inventoried items are supplied within one week. Besides supplying the more routinely available publications from standard commercial presses, Your Books Your Way will supply any book or publication in print - including those from learned societies, associations, research institutes, government agencies, and university departments.

Your Books Your Way supplies library book and media materials from over 50,000 sources, including international publishers in England, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, and South America. To facilitate the supply of imported publications, we maintain reciprocal purchase and supply agreements with booksellers in these countries. These arrangements supplement our established direct publisher accounts. Foreign materials commonly supplied by our firm include academic level scientific, technical, and scholarly publications.

Your Books Your Way currently maintains an inventory of over 40,000 volumes. While much of what is supplied by Your Book Your Way is special ordered with the publishers/suppliers, our inventory enhances the fulfillment process for titles in our areas of specialization which include scientific, technical, business, university press, and medical publications. Our fully computerized inventory is replenished daily with books automatically supplied to Your Books Your Way by the publishers. As a recognized agent with nearly all publishers, Your Books Your Way is profiled to receive automatic delivery of all new books published in these broad subject areas. These profiles are prepared by in-house professionals, our publisher liaisons/administrators, and the publisher representatives.

All in-print books supplied by Your Books Your Way will be new and in mint condition. (The condition of out-of-print titles will vary from title-to-title.) The latest edition will be automatically supplied unless a previous edition is requested. All corresponding book jackets, slip-cases, and boxes will be enclosed with the book. The hard cover edition will always be supplied unless the library specifically requests the paperback edition, or unless the book is available only in paperback. A library may specifically profile for our dual edition service.

Most returns will be accepted without penalty or restocking charges, regardless of the timing of the cancellation request and subsequent shipment. All returns will be automatically credited using our "Instant Credit Memo" form via a formal credit memorandum issued after the book has been processed by our returns department. Your Books Your Way will replace, at no additional charge, all books which were found to be defective upon receipt at the library. Claims may be made directly with your Customer support contact by phone, fax, mail, or by email. Credit memos will be immediately issued for the faulty or undelivered titles and rebilled and reshipped within two weeks, or resupplied as no charge replacements.

Out Of Print Searching

Your Books Your Way allows you to conduct an out-of-print search, as profiled or as requested, for any title that is out of print. Your Books Your Way will search these titles on a monthly basis with thousands of out-of-print dealers nationwide. If a title is found, Your Books Your Way will supply the ordered title automatically, assuming it falls within the price range authorized by the library. If no price is authorized, Your Books Your Way will request permission to supply before shipping a located title.

Your Books Your Way out of print service is free of charge. If the library does not request automatic out-of-print searching, it can request this service on a title-by-title basis. Once the customer approves the price of the located title, Your Books Your Way will proceed to furnish this title to the Library.

Your Books Your Way maintains a network of 10,000 out-of-print suppliers with access to over 50 million books.

Rush Orders

Your Books Your Way Rush orders are delivered within 1-2 business days. Your Books Your Way's dedicated customer support contacts processes rush orders right away upon receipt for your library and provide status reports for any titles which will be delayed. Your Books Your Way will deliver rush orders as requested via a variety of shipping methods including UPS, Federal Express, DHL Courier etc. Further enhancing Your Books Your Way's turnaround time is their proximity to many major scientific, technical, business, medical, and trade publishers in the New York metropolitan area.

Your Books Your Way supply rush orders in one of three ways:

International Services

The objective of this division is to provide libraries throughout the world the same service benefits enjoyed by the USA library community: Speed of supply, accuracy, US domestic pricing, procedural simplicity, flexibility, convenience, and ease of communications. Your Books Your Way has been very successful in achieving this objective, and many libraries in diverse parts of the world are benefiting from their service capabilities. Several philosophical and practical elements contribute to Your Books Your Way growing success in supplying North American published material to libraries abroad, among them:

Long Term Relationships

Your Books Your Way goal of establishing long-term relationships with their overseas library clients, rather than trying to maximize sales.

Cultural, Political, and Economic Diversity

Your Books Your Way sensitivity to the great cultural, political, and economic diversity and differences from one country to another and from one region to another.

Great Variation in Needs and Requirements

Your Books Your Way sensitivity to the great variation in the needs and requirements of different libraries within a given country.

Important Economic Benefit To Clients

Your Books Your Way commitment to providing their services at important economic benefit to their clients.

Out-Of-Print Searching Service

Your Books Your Way effective out-of-print searching service with one of the highest "hit rates" in the industry.

Unique Media Division

Your Books Your Way unique Media Division specializing in supplying media materials in the different formats utilized outside the USA.

Convenient Return Policy

Your Books Your Way liberal and convenient returns policy.

Book Processing and Technical Service Variety

Your Books Your Way wide variety of book processing and technical service capabilities.

Easy Accessibility

Your Books Your Way easy accessibility through fax, Online, E-mail, and toll free number.

Growing Network Across The World

Your Books Your Way growing networks of regional liaison offices in different parts of the world.

Multiple Currencies and Banking Facilities

Your Books Your Way network of banking facilities in many countries, and their ability to invoice in a variety of currencies.

Specialized Delivery Services

Your Books Your Way specialized and highly subsidized, courier-like, door-to-door air delivery service.

Operational Flexibility

Your Books Your Way operational flexibility and the ability to effect changes at a moment's notice.

Title Notification Service Multiple Formats

Your Books Your Way New Title Notification Service in paper format, CDs, or via E-mail.

Dedicated Staff Members

Most importantly, the staff of Your Books Your Way International Division is composed of very able and very dedicated people, experienced in serving overseas libraries, understands their special needs, and enjoy solving problems for their clients who are thousands of miles away.

Media Services

Your Books Your Way Media services is devoted to the sale and distribution of educational DVDs, audiotapes, CDs, CD ROMs and software. Media and acquisition librarians know the difficulties one encounters when trying to purchase these materials. Your Books Your Way applies the techniques it has used for more than a decade as a library bookseller toward its media division so that their clients can experience the same order fulfillment currently received for library book acquisition. Your Books Your Way works with the major educational media distributors and producers to secure their programs and to make them available to their clients.

Your Books Your Way is the comprehensive source for all of their clients non-print requirements. Your Books Your Way services are designed to eliminate many of the responsibilities and problems experienced by media buyers. Your Books Your Way's staff of professional media librarians can consolidate the usual aspects of the media purchasing which allows their clients to simplify the order selection process. In that regard, Your Books Your Way can prepare any requested 'core list' of media titles, arranged by academic discipline. Your Books Your Way will exceed the expectations of media purchasers, for any and all of the media requirements of your institution.

In an ongoing effort to assist in your collection development and reference needs, Your Books Your Way has created many new areas of interest, including the following:

  • New Releases Coming Soon

Placing Orders

Your Books Your Way accepts orders by mail, telephone, fax, online, and e-mail.

  • Mail to our New York address
  • Telephone - to a dedicated customer support contact via Your Books Your Way toll-free number: 800-301-6217
  • FAX - available (24) hours a day: 818-301-5171
  • Website - call for login and password
  • E-mail -
  • Electronic Interfaces - such as EDI and FTP
  • Your Books Your Way accepts any size order, in any format, regardless of the dollar amount and do not require purchase orders.

Your Books Your Way supports electronic ordering with most automated library acquisition systems, including; WLN, Innopac, DRA, Bibase, Bookbase, Gaylord, Nonsuch, Vtls, LTI, and BISAC.


Your Books Your Way accepts credit cards, deposit accounts, institutional purchase orders as methods of payments.


Your Books Your Way partners with 99% of the publishers and producers in the USA which enables Your Books Your Way to furnish 99% of library books and media published or produced in the USA.

Partners include:

- A -

Abbeville; Abingdon; Abrams; Academic Press; Addison Wesley; Adobe; Advanced Book Program; Aero; Akademie Verlag*; Algonquin; Allanheld Osmun; Allyn & Bacon; Alpha Books; Altamira; AMACOM; ; American Institute of Physics ; American Chemical Society ; American Enterprise ; Amon Carter Museum ; Amphoto ; Anaheim ; Anchor ; Andover ; Andrews & McNeel ; Anima ; Ann Arbor Science ; Aperture ; Apex Books ; Appleton & Lange ; Applied Science ; Arbor House ; Arcade ; Architectural ; Architectural Book ; Archon ; Arco ; Aris & Phillips ; Arlington House ; Art Alliance ; Artech House ; Ashton Tate ; Atheneum ; Athlone ; Atlantic Monthly ; Audel ; Augsburg ; Avenel ; Avi

- B -

Balch Institute ; Ballantine ; Ballinger ; Bantam ; Barnes & Noble ; Barron's Educational ; Basic Books ; Basil ; Blackwell* ; Batsford ; Beacon ; Beaufort ; Bedfort Arts ; Behavioral ; Belhaven ; Bell ; Benjamin Cummings ; Bennett ; Berkley ; Berrett Koehler ; Biblio ; Billboard ; Birch Lane ; Birkhauser ; Boston ; Black Rose ; Books (Canada) ; Blackie & Sons ; Blackwell Scientific ; BNA ; Books ; Bodley Head ; Body ; Boston ; Boyd & Fraser ; Brady Computer ; Brassey ; Braziller ; British Film Institute ; British Academic ; Broadman & Holman ; Brookings Inst ; Brooks Cole WC ; Brown ; Brunnel Mazel

- C -

Capra Press ; Carolina Academic ; Carroll & Graf ; CBI ; CBI ; Celestial Arts ; Chapman & Hall ; Charles Tuttle ; Chatto & Windus ; Chilton ; Chronicle ; Churchill Livingstone ; Citadel ; Clarion Books ; Clark ; City ; Clarkson Potter ; Clinical Psychology ; Cobb Group ; Cobb & Henry ; Coffee House ; Collamore ; Collier ; Collins ; Congdon & Weed ; Consumer Reports ; Contemporary ; Continuum ; Cooper Square ; Copper ; Canyon ; Coriolis Group ; Cornwall ; Corwin ; Council on Foreign Relations ; Coward McCann ; Crain ; Crane Russak ; Croom Helm ; Crossroads ; Crowell ; Crown ; Culinary Institute ; Curtain & London ; Curzon

- D -

DaCapo ; Dance Horizons ; Dartnell ; David & Charles ; Dearborn Financial ; Dearborn Trade B C ; Decker ; Delacorte ; Dell ; Delmar ; Design ; Dial ; Digital ; Dodd Mead ; Dolmen ; Dolphin ; Dorling Kin; Dersley ; Dorsey ; Dorsey ; Doubleday ; Dow Jones ; Dryden ; Duxbury E.P. ; Dutton

- E -

E & FN Spon ; East ; European ; Ecco ; Edward Arnold ; Eerdmans ; Ellis Horwood ; ElseviEr* ; Equity M ; Evans ; Excerpta Medica Executive ; Enterpise

- F -

Faber & ; Faber ; Fairmont ; Falmer ; Farrar Strauss & Girouxh ; Fawcett ; Feminist Donald I ; Fine ; Fishing News ; Fleming Revell ; Focal ; Fodors ; Folger Books ; Fortress ; Four Walls Eight Windows ; Four Winds ; Frances Pinter ; Free ; Fromm International ; Funk & Wagnalls

- G -

G & C Merriam ; Garden Way ; Glencoe ; Godine ; Goodyear ; Gower Medical ; Greenhill ; Grove ; Grune & Stratton ; Grune & Stratton ; Guggenheim Museum ; Guilford* ; Gulf* ; Gustav Fischer Verlag*

- H -

Halsted ; Hamish ; Hamilton ; Harmony ; Harper Business ; Harper & Row ; Harper San Francisco ; Harper Collins Academic ; HarperCollins ; Harvard Common ; Harvest Books ; Harwood Academic ; Hastings ; House ; Hawthorn ; Hayden D C ; Heath ; Heinle & ; Heinle ; Heinle & Heinle ; Hemisphere* ; Henry Holt ; Henry Walck ; Hill & Wang ; Hillary House ; Hippocrene ; Hodder & Stoughton ; Hogarth ; Holiday House ; Holt Rine; Hart & Winston ; Horizon ; House ; Howard Sams ; Howell Book House ; HP Books ; Hudson Hills ; Human Sciences ; Humana Humanities ; Hutchinson Univ Library ; Hutchinson Ross ; Hyperion

- I -

IDG Books Worldwide ; IEEE ; IEEE Computer Society ; IndustrIal ; IOP Dow Jones ; IrwIn R D ; Irwin ; Irwin Professional ; Image Books ; Insight ; Ithaca

- J -

Japan ; Jason Aronson ; John Knox ; John Weatherhill ; John Murray ; Jonathan Cape ; Jossey Bass ; Journeyman

- K -

Kent Pub Co. ; Kegal Paul ; Knopf ; Knowledge Industry ; Kodansha

- L -

RG Landes ; Lange Medical* ; Larousse ; Laurel Editions Seymour ; Lawrence ; Lawrence & Wishart ; Lea & Febiger* ; Lexington ; Liberty Hall Library Professional Library of America ; Lifetime Learning ; Linden ; Linnet ; Lippincott Alan R. ; Liss ; Little Brown ; Littlefield Adams ; Litton ; Liveright ; Longman ; Lyle Stuart

- M -

M & T ; MacMillan ; MacMillan Computer ; Mainstream ; Management Information Source ; Manning Richard ; Marek ; Marion Boyars ; Martin Robertson ; Masson ; Mayfield ; McGraw Hill David ; McKay ; Meadowbrook ; Medical Examinations ; Mercury House Charles ; Merrill ; Methen ; Methuen ; Metropolitan ; Museum of Art ; Microsoft ; Minority Rights ; MIS ; MIT ; Modern Library ; MOMA ; Monacelli ; Monarch ; Monthly Review William ; Morrow ; Mosby ; Moyer Bell John ; Muir ; Multilingual Matters* ; Museum of Modern Art ; Mysterious

- N -

NAL ; National Book ; National Textbook Company ; National Press ; Natural History ; Network ; New Riders ; New Press ; New Directions ; New York Graphic Society ; New York Institute of Finance ; New York Times ; Newbury House ; Noonday ; North Point ; North Holland* ; Novell

- O -

O'Reilly & Associates ; Odonian ; Oliver Wight ; Ontario Review ; Open Court ; Orbis ; Osborne McGraw ; Osprey ; Outdoor Life ; Outlet Book ; Overlook

- P -

Pandora ; Pantheon ; Parabola ; Paragon House ; Parker ; Parker ; Paul Chapman* ; Paul ; Paulist ; PBC International ; Peachpit ; Penguin ; Performing Arts ; Pergamon ; Perigee ; Persea ; Petersons Guides ; Petrocelli ; Phaidon ; Pharos ; Phillip Allan ; Philomel ; Pine Forge ; Plenum ; Pluto ; Pocket ; Polity* ; Pomegranate Clarkson N ; Potter ; Poseidon ; Prentice Hall ; Presidio ; Prima ; Prindle Weber & Schmidt ; Priority ; Probus ; Productivity ; Prometheus ; PSG ; Publishers Group West ; Pushcart ; Putnam

- Q -

Que ; QED ; Quill

- R -

R J B; Rady ; R S Means ; Rand McNally ; Random House ; Raven ; Rawson ; Readers Digest ; Regnery Gateway ; Research Studies ; Resources for the Future ; Reston ; Riverhead ; Rizzoli ; Rodale Editions ; Rodopi ; Ronald ; Rosemont ; Routledge ; Rowman & Allanheld ; Rowman & Littlefield

- S -

Sage ; Salem House ; Saunders ; Scala ; Scarborough House ; Schirmer ; Schocken ; Science Books International ; Scott Foresman ; Scribners ; Seaver ; Secker & Warburg ; Security World ; Seymour Lawrence ; Shambhala ; Sherwood ; Sugden ; Shoestring ; Sierra Club ; Simon & ; Schuster ; Skidmore Rothskira ; Soethby ; Soho ; South Western ; South End E. & F.N. ; Spon ; Springer Verlag ; St Martins ; Stackpole ; Stein & Day ; Sterling ; Stewart Tabori & Chang George ; Stickley ; Stonehill ; Storey Communications Lyle ; Stuart ; Summit ; Sunsoft ; Swetsswet; S & Zeitlinger ; Sybex

- T -

Tab ; Tarcher ; Tate Gallery ; Taunton I B Tauris ; Tavis; Tock ; Taylor & Francis* ; Ten Speed ; Thames & Hudson ; Thomond ; Thorsons ; Thunders Mouth ; Ticknor & Fields ; Times ; Tompson & Rutter ; Touchstone ; Trafalagar Square ; Transaction* ; Twentieth Century

- U -

Frederick Ungar ; Universe ; Unwin Hyman ; Upstart ; Urban & Schwarzenberg ; Urban Inst

- V -

Alfred Van Der Marck Editions ; Van Nostrand ; Van ; Vactor & Goodheart ; Van Gorcum ; VCH* ; Vendome ; Ventana ; Verso ; VGM Career Horizons ; Viceroy ; Victor Gollancz ; Viking ; Villard ; Vintage ; Virago

- W -

W A Benjamin ; Wadsworth ; Waite Group ; Wiley ; Winthrop ; Windcrest ; W B Eerdmans ; Wallace Homestead ; Warner ; Washington Square ; Watson Guptill* ; Waymark Books ; Weidenfeld & Nicolson ; Westminster ; Westview ; Wheatsheaf ; Whitney Library of Design ; Williams & ; Wilkins ; Wolfe Medical ; Woodrow Wilson Center ; Word ; Workman ; Wright ; Writers & Readers ; Wyden

- Y -

Yankee ; Year Book Medical ; Yorke Medical ; Yourdon

- Z -

Zed ; Zephyr ; Ziff Davis ; Zondervan ; Zone ; Zwemmer