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Feature Media Titles Of The Month

Speaking with Confidence, Clarity and Charisma Video[DVD]

  • How many good ideas have you had shot down in a meeting? With guidance from this video, you'll find out how to present your ideas with power, think fast when asked a tough question and even where to sit in a meeting for maximum much more! 23 min.

Achieving Peak Performance on the Job[DVD]

  • Imagine yourself as more efficient, helpful and productive. You’d know exactly where to begin, what questions to ask and how to get the job done right every time. Believe it or not, it is possible. Quickly discover how to become the super-productive peak performer you’re meant to be. 26 min

Powerful Ways to Persuade People Video[DVD]

  • Persuasion isn't a character trait that only some people are born with, or a gift that only charismatic salespeople or politicians possess. It's a simple skill that anyone can develop and master. With some basic skills, and practice, you can learn to influence others and reach agreements more quickly and easily. 23 min