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International Services - Your Books Your Way

The objective of this division is to provide libraries throughout the world the same service benefits enjoyed by the USA library community: Speed of supply, accuracy, US domestic pricing, procedural simplicity, flexibility, convenience, and ease of communications. Your Books Your Way has been very successful in achieving this objective, and many libraries in diverse parts of the world are benefiting from their service capabilities. Several philosophical and practical elements contribute to Your Books Your Way growing success in supplying North American published material to libraries abroad, among them:

Long Term Relationships

Your Books Your Way goal of establishing long-term relationships with their overseas library clients, rather than trying to maximize sales.

Cultural, Political, and Economic Diversity

Your Books Your Way sensitivity to the great cultural, political, and economic diversity and differences from one country to another and from one region to another.

Great Variation in Needs and Requirements

Your Books Your Way sensitivity to the great variation in the needs and requirements of different libraries within a given country.

Important Economic Benefit To Clients

Your Books Your Way commitment to providing their services at important economic benefit to their clients.

Out-Of-Print Searching Service

Your Books Your Way effective out-of-print searching service with one of the highest "hit rates" in the industry.

Unique Media Division

Your Books Your Way unique Media Division specializing in supplying media materials in the different formats utilized outside the USA.

Convenient Return Policy

Your Books Your Way liberal and convenient returns policy.

Book Processing and Technical Service Variety

Your Books Your Way wide variety of book processing and technical service capabilities.

Easy Accessibility

Your Books Your Way easy accessibility through fax, Online, E-mail, and toll free number.

Growing Network Across The World

Your Books Your Way growing networks of regional liaison offices in different parts of the world.

Multiple Currencies and Banking Facilities

Your Books Your Way network of banking facilities in many countries, and their ability to invoice in a variety of currencies.

Specialized Delivery Services

Your Books Your Way specialized and highly subsidized, courier-like, door-to-door air delivery service.

Operational Flexibility

Your Books Your Way operational flexibility and the ability to effect changes at a moment's notice.

Title Notification Service Multiple Formats

Your Books Your Way New Title Notification Service in paper format, CDs, or via E-mail.

Dedicated Staff Members

Most importantly, the staff of Your Books Your Way International Division is composed of very able and very dedicated people, experienced in serving overseas libraries, understands their special needs, and enjoy solving problems for their clients who are thousands of miles away.