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  • Gilles Deleuze from A to Z

    BasicBinding: DVD-Video

    Subject: Philosophy

    Publisher: Semiotext(e)

    Date Published: 12-2011

    ISBN: 1584351012 | EAN: 9781584351016

    Features: Price on Product

    Audience Age Range: 18 to UP

    Reading Grade Level: 13 to UP

    Annotation: A playful, personal, and profound interview with Gilles Deleuze, covering topics from "Animal" to "Zigzag."

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  • Owen Barfield (Video): Man and Meaning

    BasicBinding: Other

    Subject: Philosophy

    Author: Barfield, Owen

    Publisher: Wesleyan University Press

    Date Published: 12-1996

    ISBN: 0965402428 | EAN: 9780965402422

    Annotation: Award-winning documentary video in US standard (NTSC) color videotape with transcript. 40 minutes.

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  • Believing Philosophy Video Lectures: A Guide to Becoming a Christian Philosopher

    BasicBinding: DVD-Video

    Subject: Philosophy

    Author: Morris, Dolores G

    Publisher: Zondervan Academic

    Date Published: 10-2022

    ISBN: 031014258X | EAN: 9780310142584

    Features: Price on Product

    Annotation: Believing Philosophy Video Lectures introduces Christians to philosophy and the tools it offers believers, helping them understand, articulate, and defend their faith in an age of unbelief.

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  • Aristotle's Ethics (DVD): A Guide to Living the Good Life

    BasicBinding: DVD-Video

    Subject: Philosophy

    Author: Cuddeback, John

    Publisher: Catholic Courses

    Date Published: 12-2014

    ISBN: 1618900528 | EAN: 9781618900524

    Annotation: Everybody wants to do the right thing, to be the best person they can be, and to help their family and friends to do the same. But why does man have this innate desire to be "good?" What does goodness look like? Are good and evil the same for everyone? Using Aristotle's Ethics as his guide, John Cuddeback, Ph.D. answers these questions and more, showing how man is shaped by the choices he makes, and how continually choosing the good inevitably leads to happiness.

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